Gifts of appreciated stocks support our work and can reduce your capital gains tax liability.

A gift of appreciated stocks and/or bonds is a simple and potentially tax-advantageous way to support PFLAG. For appreciated securities held longer than one year you may be able to deduct the full fair market value of a stock donation (as always talk with your tax advisor to determine the tax effects of a donation on your specific tax situation).

Below you will find instructions on how to make a gift of stocks or bonds to PFLAG through our brokerage house, Morgan Stanley. If you have any questions, please contact PFLAG's Broker, Stacy Lynn Snyder at (202) 778-1391 or If you have questions about payment or donation via ACH, please email

Stocks or Bonds Held at Brokerage Account

Stock held at a brokerage account can be delivered electronically through the DTC (Depository Trust Company) program. Morgan Stanley’s DTC number is 0015 and the PFLAG account number is 067-158746. Your broker can tell you what your brokerage firm requires to process the transfer, but we also provide a sample Letter of Authorization.

Stocks Held as Book Entry with the Transfer Agent

Occasionally a donor will have stock held at the transfer agent in a dividend reinvestment program or employee stock purchase plan or from his or her own investing. Each transfer agent has its own requirements for delivering out shares to brokerage firms. Please contact Morgan Stanley with the name of the stock so we can research the best and quickest way to deliver these shares to PFLAG account. Depending on the method used and the transfer agent, delivery can take up to one month.

Mutual Funds Held at a Brokerage Firm or at a Mutual Fund Company

Shares of mutual funds cannot be transferred via DTC. Submitting a request to transfer mutual fund shares via DTC will only result in the transfer being rejected and will delay the receipt of the gift. In order to deliver this type of gift to PFLAG, the donor(s) will need to sign an Account Transfer Authorization form (please contact Stacy at Morgan Stanley to obtain it) and a Letter of Authorization stating the number of shares (or total value) of each mutual fund to be gifted. In addition, the letter should reference the donor’s social security number(s) and account number at the mutual fund company. Once these forms are received by Morgan Stanley they must be signature guaranteed and processed. The total procedure can take up to two weeks. There may be certain mutual funds that Morgan Stanley is unable to hold or transfer to the PFLAG account. Please check with Morgan Stanley before requesting the transfer to make sure it is possible.


If you wish to donate via ACH or Wire transfer please refer to our ACH/Wire Payment guidelines. When sending donations by ACH/wire, please send an email notification to 

Questions or Concerns

Donors, and contacts at brokerage firms or mutual fund companies with questions regarding any of the above information or unusual circumstances are encouraged to contact our broker at Morgan Stanley:

Stacy Lynn Snyder, Morgan Stanley
Phone: (202) 778-1391
Fax: (202) 778-1270