2020 PFLAG Inclusion Grants:

The application deadline has passed and grant proposals are no longer being accepted.

Thanks to the generous support of the Walmart Foundation and Bank of America, the PFLAG Inclusion Grants program aims to provide support to PFLAG chapters committed to identifying ways to make their work more inclusive of all communities seeing assistance by developing programmatic resources and partnerships that expand PFLAG’s reach and improves its ability to serve marginalized communities.

There are three grants available for the 2020 funding cycle. Applicants may apply for an award of $1,500, $2,500, and $5,000 for their work. Awards will provide funding for ideas that have the potential to catalyze long-range transformative change to build inclusion in the PFLAG Chapter Network. Priority will be given to ongoing efforts, as opposed to one-time events. Proposals should describe in detail a plan for sustainability, and have clearly articulated project outcomes and metrics for success. Finally, funded projects will be those that offer a diversity and inclusion model other chapters will be able to emulate.

During the course of the funding year, chapters will have the opportunity to get support from PFLAG staff and leadership for their project. At the conclusion of the work, all grantees will participate in PFLAG Academy Online sessions where they’ll share the details of their work with other members of the PFLAG chapter network.

Here are a few broad examples of the kinds of projects that will be funded:

  • Project: Establishing year-long working partnership with a community group that represents people of color to develop community based/culturally responsive support services and relevant materials.

    Funds used for: Space and materials for meetings, printing or purchasing materials, providing small stipend to project lead, translations (verbal and written), funding for promotional campaign so community knows about new services.

  • Project: Develop a partnership with community group that works with individuals living with a disability to assess chapter activity and materials, develop an improvement plan, institute suggested changes, and develop a guide for other chapters to access.

    Funds used for: Fee for chapter accessibility assessment, costs related to implementing changes (e.g. reprinting materials with better spacing/larger font, renting new space that is accessible), designer for guide.

  • Project: Year-long learning series featuring diverse local speakers to talk about intersectionality/inclusion/community needs, partnering with local organizations (e.g., Latinx group, API group) to boost visibility and bring communities together.

    Funds used for: Space, speaker’s fees, food and drinks, promotion, etc.

Funds cannot exclusively be used for:

  • Material translations
  • Sponsorships
  • Advertisements

Under no circumstances may PFLAG Inclusion Grant funds be used for political campaigns.

The application deadline has passed and grant proposals are no longer being accepted.