So You Want to Support Us?: Understanding Your Role in Inclusion
Sunday, October 24
12:00 - 1:00 PM Eastern

Many advocates strive to create culturally- and ethnically-inclusive spaces and programs. But to do this, addressing one’s own biases and being able to understand diverse populations is critical. This panel, moderated by Audria Lee, Senior Director – Inclusion, Recruitment & Workforce Compliance of FINRA, will include BIPOC activists from the Center for Black Equity, Waves Ahead, and YMCA of San Francisco. Panelists will share their personal stories to help PFLAG leaders and members better understand the work they need to do at the individual and organizational level before they begin their diversity and inclusion journey. They will also provide specific resource recommendations and insight on how to avoid common conflicts that may arise.


Audria Lee No Photo Available

Senior Director – Inclusion, Recruitment & Workforce Compliance


JoAnne Chase No Photo Available

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Earl Fowlkes Earl Fowlkes

Center for Black Equity

Chad Nico Hiu Chad Nico Hiu

Senior Vice President
YMCA of San Francisco

Wilfred Labiosa Wilfred Labiosa

He/Him/His and Él
Executive Director
Waves Ahead