What's The Good News?: Progress in Faith Communities
Sunday, October 24
12:00 - 1:00 PM Eastern

Too often, the issue of people who are LGBTQ+ and religion becomes a conversation about controversy and rejection. However, that’s not always the case -- more faith communities are transforming and reclaiming how their traditions view and embrace LGBTQ+ worshippers. This panel, moderated by Edith Guffey, a member of the PFLAG National Board, will include faith leaders from communities doing good, inclusive work that supports PFLAG families and our LGBTQ+ loved ones. Panelists will share their personal experiences to help PFLAGers shift from focusing on what is wrong in faith communities and dispel the notion that being an advocate for equality and a person of faith are mutually exclusive.


Edith Guffey Edith Guffey

Conference Minister
Kansas-Oklahoma Conference, United Church of Christ


Raja Bhattar Raja Bhattar

Founder and CEO
Bhattar Consulting Group