Exploring Different Pathways to Supporting Trans and Nonbinary Loved Ones

There is no one way to support someone, and this is certainly true when it comes to families creating supportive spaces for their transgender and nonbinary loved ones. This panel, moderated by Catherine Hyde, a member of the PFLAG National Board of Directors, will include local PFLAG chapter leaders whose chapters have found unique ways to provide support to people who are trans and nonbinary as well as their parents, families, and allies. Panelists will share their personal stories, how those experiences helped their chapter create responsive support services, and truly illustrate that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for providing meaningful peer support. 

Federal Policy Briefing

After four years of largely anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and Executive Orders, the landscape for federal advocacy has changed. Where should PFLAG members focus their efforts?  This panel moderated by Diego Sanchez, Director of Advocacy, Policy & Partnerships at PFLAG National, will include movement leaders from GLSEN, the National Black Justice Coalition, the Task Force, and True Colors United. Their insight and expertise will provide PFLAGers with an overview of federal legislative priorities for LGBTQ+ organizers. Attendees will also learn how to become more effective advocates and specific ways to engage in advocacy work.

So You Want to Support Us?: Understanding Your Role in Inclusion

Many advocates strive to create culturally- and ethnically-inclusive spaces and programs. But to do this, addressing one’s own biases and being able to understand diverse populations is critical. This panel, moderated by Audria Lee, Senior Director – Inclusion, Recruitment & Workforce Compliance of FINRA, will include BIPOC activists from the Center for Black Equity, Waves Ahead, and YMCA of San Francisco. Panelists will share their personal stories to help PFLAG leaders and members better understand the work they need to do at the individual and organizational level before they begin their diversity and inclusion journey. They will also provide specific resource recommendations and insight on how to avoid common conflicts that may arise.

What's The Good News?: Progress in Faith Communities

Too often, the issue of people who are LGBTQ+ and religion becomes a conversation about controversy and rejection. However, that’s not always the case -- more faith communities are transforming and reclaiming how their traditions view and embrace LGBTQ+ worshippers. This panel, moderated by Edith Guffey, a member of the PFLAG National Board, will include faith leaders from communities doing good, inclusive work that supports PFLAG families and our LGBTQ+ loved ones. Panelists will share their personal experiences to help PFLAGers shift from focusing on what is wrong in faith communities and dispel the notion that being an advocate for equality and a person of faith are mutually exclusive.