Beyond the Binary: Supporting People with Expansive Identities

The evolution of who is part of the LGBTQ+ community is bigger than ever. And for people in this space with less visible and more marginalized identities, finding support can be difficult. This panel, moderated by Angel Russel, Director of Sex and Gender Education at PFLAG Jacksonville, will include LGBTQ+ leaders who identify as asexual, bisexual, intersex, and polyamorous. These movement leaders will help PFLAGers better understand these identities that go beyond “just LGBT,” recommend resources and organizations that will help them continue their learning, and share ways we can all show up as effective allies in this space. 

PFLAG Chapters Changing the Game

There’s a big gap between wanting to make your PFLAG chapter more inclusive of diverse families and actually doing effective work. This panel, moderated by Jean-Marie Navetta, Director of Learning & Inclusion at PFLAG National, will include local PFLAG chapter leaders that have engaged in effective diversity and inclusion work in their communities. They’ll share how their chapter developed projects and programs that helped them to engage with people, families, and communities of color. They’ll also offer insights as to what chapters need to do to get started on true inclusion journeys. 

State Advocacy Briefing

In 2021 advocates saw a barrage of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation introduced -- and sometimes passed -- at the state level. This panel, moderated by Corinne Green, Policy and Legislative Strategist at the Equality Federation, will include leaders from Equality Florida, Equality Ohio, Equality Texas, and the Trevor Project and address what is happening and how to respond. Their insight and expertise will help PFLAG leaders and members better understand the most urgent legislation that is likely to be introduced during the next legislative session. Attendees will also learn more about what they can do to advocate for equality with their LGBTQ+ loved ones at the statehouse.