Affirmative Parenting: The Important Role Parents Play in Reducing Risk Factors for Transgender and Non-binary Youth
Build the Future
Lisa Kenney, Gender Spectrum
Workshop Block 3: Saturday, October 21 - 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Salon G

We hear all the time that parental support is the most important factor influencing a transgender, non-binary or gender-expansive young person's health and well-being. In this workshop we’ll review some of the data about the risks transgender and non-binary youth face, including suicide, non-suicidal self-injury, depression, and disordered eating. Then we’ll review the research showing the powerful role that parents play in the positive mental health outcomes for transgender and non-binary youth. Presenters will outline concrete actions parents and caregivers can employ as they seek to support the young person in their lives, leaving participants feeling empowered with tangible steps they can take to help their child and/or other parents. Finally, we’ll have an open Q & A time to discuss the questions you have and implications that evolving understandings of gender have for you and your PFLAG experience.

Presenter Bio

As Executive Director of Gender Spectrum, Lisa Kenney is a featured speaker at conferences and a consultant to organizations and corporations on the changing understanding of gender and the implications this has for parents and families, social institutions and corporations. She provides workshops and other events for adults on gender and co-authored, with Stephanie Brill, The Transgender Teen: A Handbook for Parents and Professionals Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Teens.                 

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