Are Bisexuals the Worst? How to See the Invisible
Build the Future
Alex Anders, Bisexual Real Talk and Mary Andres, Psy.D., University of Southern California Rossier School of Education and Bisexual Real Talk
Workshop Block 2: Saturday, October 21 - 1:45 pm - 3:15 pm
Salon I

A 2016 CDC study on sexuality and behavior stated that bisexuals outnumber gays and lesbians two to one. When it came out, did you wonder where all of those supposed bisexuals were? The answer is that they are everywhere. The question isn’t whether the statistics about the number of bisexuals are real. It’s whether PFLAG members can see a bisexual if they were standing in front of them asking them for help. This session will help PFLAG members see the individuals most often thought of as the invisible members of the LGBT community and strengthen participants' capacity to be culturally competent allies to bisexual individuals

Presenter Bios

Alex Anders is an international bestselling author, founder of a bisexual meetup group in Los Angeles, and host of the popular YouTube channel, Bisexual Real Talk. Additionally, in 2009, Alex Anders created the first bisexual-focused YouTube channel getting millions of views. In 2015, he partnered with OkCupid to create the first large scale dating event in the United States for bisexuals. And in 2017, he co-founded Fluid Style Co, a clothing company creating fashions for bisexuals.  

Dr. Mary Andres is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Co-Coordinator of the USC Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy Program where she teaches family systems, couples therapy, and sexuality courses.   She has been presenting at numerous state and local levels to influence competency in training clinicians to work with LGBT Clients, and specifically with Bi Clients and Sexual Fluidity. Mary also maintains a small private practice in Venice, CA working with couples and adults, frequently addressing sexuality and identity concerns.  In 2106 she was part of the White House Bisexual Community Briefing.  She provides supervision for a doctoral candidate annually for the Los Angeles GLBT Center and speaks routinely to media about the topics of relationships and sexuality, Transgender identities, and substance abuse. 

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