Catherine Hyde

Development Committee, Chair
She, Her, Hers

Catherine Hyde has worked in social justice for 20 years. She is senior director of Online Services for the national nonprofit Enterprise Community Partners, which works to end housing insecurity. Catherine did not listen to her child when he, at the age of 4, told her that something had gone wrong in her belly and that he was supposed to be a she. She did not understand transgender or gender identity until NPR educated her years later. Since becoming educated, Catherine has volunteered as Transgender Coordinator for PFLAG Howard County, Maryland and speaks and trains on transgender understanding and sensitivity. In 2012, Catherine was named a Hometown Hero by the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore for her work on behalf of the transgender community. She was honored to share that inaugural award with House Leader Nancy Pelosi and Carlton R. Smith, founder of Baltimore Black Pride. Catherine serves on PFLAG’s National Board of Directors, its Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Advisory Panel, and as the former Mid-Atlantic Regional Director for PFLAG. Catherine has testified before the Transgender Task Force of the U.S. Senate's LGBT Caucus on safety issues facing our trans youth. Catherine also served on the Howard County Human Rights Commission.