Chad Reumann

He, Him, His

Chad is originally from Hamilton, Ohio, about an hour north or so of Cincinnati, and came out in 1993 as gay.  This started a journey that would be filled with many negative words and actions in coming out to his parent. At the time, Chad served as an officer for the LGBT group at the University of Cincinnati, and learned what it was like to create a “chosen” family.  Chad would turn this experience into fuel to helping others and dedicate his time to improving the lives for LGBTQ+ people. 

Eventually moving to San Antonio in 2002, Chad would gain leadership and teamwork skills from volunteering at workplace employee resource groups and Diversity Councils.  And in 2007 an opportunity was offered to organize a Bowling fundraiser with his local HRC Steering Committee in San Antonio. He would be elected to this committee in 2008, then appointed to the HRC Board of Governors (BOG) in 2011 and as part of the BOG role, Chad would be a liaison to local organizations.

In that capacity. Chad started attending PFLAG San Antonio (PFLAG SA) support meetings in 2012. Chad fell in love with the PFLAG experience, for by sharing his coming out story, he had an opportunity to educate parents. Demonstrate to them the long-term impacts of their reactions, and ask them if they wanted to have a negative or positive role in supporting their children when they come out. 

After serving HRC SA from 2007 to 2015, Chad joined the Board of PFLAG SA in 2016, providing support in a variety of roles. Chad served as Chapter president for 3 years and in still serving on the Board for PFLAG SA.

Chad loves knowing he can make a positive impact on a family’s future, after the rejection and pain he experienced coming out in 1993; he considers it to be the best gift he can give.