August 30, 2017

As we shared in the last edition of the PFLAG Voice, we have updated One Voice Can Change The World: The PFLAG National Advocacy Guide and Toolkit, our comprehensive guide and toolkit on policy, advocacy, and lobbying. The new edition is now available for use. We have also updated and released the latest edition of Make It Count: The PFLAG National Get Out the Vote Guide, which outlines the dos and don’ts for 501c3s during election years.

Even more exciting: Both of these publications, as well as tons of other resources, can be found on the new Advocacy 101 web page at It’s chock full of publications, resources, and a beautiful new set of advocacy and legislative one pagers to help inform your work.

Our advocacy one pagers cover a variety of topics, including different types of lobbying, using social media for advocacy, sharing your story for advocacy purposes, coalition building, and more.

Our legislative one pagers lay out in simple, easy-to-use format PFLAG’s legislative priorities. They are downloadable, printable, and a great resource to have in hand when doing face-to-face lobbying with legislators. Bonus: They can also be left behind for legislators for further reading and understanding.

We also have a new resources page which includes helpful tools and materials including templates for letters to build coalitions, schedule legislative visits, thank legislators post-visit, and more. There is also a link to our State Advocacy Database, where you can find information on legislative schedules, current bills, and governor contact info.

Our Advocacy 101 web hub is your first stop for all things PFLAG advocacy...just one of the many ways PFLAG National is here to support your crucial work.

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