August 28, 2017

What is the change? How does it benefit my chapter?

Instead of a gatekeeper National staff member covering a geographic region, chapters can now connect with multiple staff members based on specialty areas. This gives you direct access to the experts you need, gives us the opportunity to build more knowledge and materials on the topics that are important to you, and allows us to better serve your needs.

When does this go into effect?

Immediately, but we know it will take time for everyone to understand the new structure. Don’t worry—we are still here to serve you, so we will connect you with the person who can best assist you and, if you have a number of questions or issues, a staff member will coordinate the answers for you.

How do I know who to reach out to?

You can find a full list of staff here. Take a look and reach out to the appropriate person based on the information you need.

What if I have multiple things to discuss or need guidance on?

Reach out to the staff person that covers the main issue and that person will help you get answers to all of your questions and connect you with the right resources.

Do I still have a Field Manager?

No. Instead of just one staff member at PFLAG National, you can connect with and learn from multiple experts. This new structure allows the staff to focus and grow in their area of expertise, and it lets you have relationships with more people at National who are working to support your chapter.

But I like working with my field I still get to?

Yes! With our new structure you will get to work with your former field manager (now focused on their area of expertise) and have the opportunity to work with other staff as well.

What about State and Regional Calls?

PFLAG National staff will be hosting monthly topic-based calls where you can learn more about specific topics and hear about the great work that other chapters are doing. State- or region-specific calls will be set up as needed to organize around legislation or other issues facing the state. Regional Directors may also set up calls to connect with chapter leaders.

We currently list our field manager in our chapter materials. Who should we now list?

In your online chapter materials, you can link to our list of staff. That way people can connect to whomever is appropriate. In other materials, you should direct people to the website to get more information about PFLAG, or refer them to [email protected].

Will PFLAG National staff still do in-person visits to chapters?

Yes absolutely. We have had to cut back in recent years due to budget constraints but we have also been using technology to do video conference calls.

What’s the difference in the roles of Regional Directors, PFLAG National staff and State Coordinators?

Regional Directors and State Coordinators are peer volunteers who have a shared experience with chapter leadership. RDs work with multiple states and state coordinators, while state coordinators work specifically on things in their state. PFLAG National staff provide resources and consistent information flowing through the network.

Who will come to our state/regional conference?

PFLAG National will be working to provide more guidelines to help in local state and regional conference planning. Depending on the focus and topic areas to be covered at the conference, the most appropriate staff person will be present.