October 10, 2020

PFLAG always looks forward to celebrating Coming Out Day alongside all of the amazing LGBTQ+ people in queer history, in our networks, and across the nation, who have had the strength and support to come out and live their truths.

We also want to send big love to all of the people who can’t or choose not to come out today. We know that LGBTQ+ people of color--Black trans women and BIPOC LGBTQ+ people--face much more harassment and less security than their white peers. Moreover, working poor LGBTQ+ people living on the edge of poverty are often in temporary or informal job markets that offer little protection against noninclusive co-workers or bosses. Coming out can mean unchecked harassment or the loss of a job.

We also want to give a shout out to all of the youth in our communities who risk homelessness if they choose to come out before they come of age, exposing them to hostile systems or to life on the street. PFLAG is here for all of you.

Whether you are safe to come out now or not yet safe to do so, PFLAG has your back.

Coming out isn’t essential to live full lives among our loved ones. What is essential is that everyone have the opportunity to define their own lives and their own truths within the communities they choose. PFLAG is here for everyone, however and wherever they find themselves on that journey. 

We've got helpful resources, including:

PFLAG is proud to be part of creating the safety and extended family support systems LGBTQ+ people need to live their lives safely and authentically.

Happy Coming Out Day!