December 31, 2017

Today, courtesy of our friends at lgbtqnation, we bring you this wonderful letter to James from his dad:


Your Mother and I have read your email and fully love and support you. We always have. We want the very best for you and that means YOUR happiness. We want you to excel in whatever makes you happy academically and become a successful adult. I’m extremely sorry that you don’t feel emotionally safe in your home or that you could come talk to me. I guess that I don’t exactly project an open-minded perspective on life. We will fix that. If you want to talk when you come home, that would be great. We have no desire whatsoever to change you or anything about you. We fully accept you as a brilliant and creative adult. We know you gave this a lot of thought and we stand beside you.

We both love you very much!’

See you Sunday.

- Dad

What prompted this beautiful letter? Read the full story from James at lgbtnation!