May 4, 2014

The relationship between PFLAG and advice columnist superstar Dear Abby goes back years. In fact, in the early 1980s when her syndicated column mentioned PFLAG as a resource for parents of gay children, PFLAG’s National Office--which at the time was the living room of then-National president Adele Starr!--was flooded with more than 7,000 letters requesting information and support.

Dear Abby’s one reference to our organization--a group with which she had no immediate connection other than her belief in its mission--changed the course of PFLAG’s history.

Since then, Dear Abby has made reference to PFLAG numerous times, recommending that her readers who need support and education turn to us for that help. Whether it's a need for transgender resources, or a parent who needs help with supporting their newly out child, Dear Abby knows that PFLAG is a go-to in communities across the country.

Her support of PFLAG, in fact, earned her PFLAG National's first-ever Straight for Equality award, which she received in person at the 2007 PFLAG National Convention! Given the numerous Dear Abby shoutouts to PFLAG, imagine the excitement over in Lubbock, Texas when Dear Abby recommended PFLAG Lubbock to a reader!

That's right: last week, in Dear Abby's April 25th column, Abby heard from a reader who was desperately in need of the kind of support only PFLAG can provide. Wanting to make sure the reader got this support, she didn't leave it to chance: Abby directed the reader straight to the local chapter!

Said Abby,

"There is a chapter of PFLAG about two hours away from your community, located in Lubbock. You can find it online at It can provide information to help you build bridges of understanding with your family."

Chapter members were reportedly excited and honored about the mention in this nationally syndicated column. We can't think of a better way to focus on the field than to have it done on a national scale by Dear Abby!