We love A Note to My Kid...reading each entry, we are beyond moved: we know that somewhere, a person who needs to read these posts is getting exactly the support they need at the exact moment they need it. 

While in many cities Pride ends in June, in many more cities Pride month hasn't yet begun. In the wake of Pride and the Supreme Court decision on the freedom to marry, there are still people who need this support, whose families don't have their backs. 

We hear from so many of you who love this blog...and now we're asking YOU to help us keep it populated! Have an LGBTQ loved one? Are you a person who is LGBTQ who wants to share your love and gratitude with someone who supported you?

Well now is your chance! 

Send your submissions--letters, videos, poems, photos--to [email protected]. We'll get in touch, and then we'll share it with the world, and all the people who need to hear your message.