Normally the letters we share are uplifting, supportive, affirmative...unconditionally loving. Today, however, we're sharing an article about this letter from gay blogger Patrick Bradley--which was originally published by Out magazine--courtesy of our friends at Yahoo Parenting.


Because PFLAG National president Jean Hodges brings hope into the picture as only a PFLAGer can.

Bradley, married to his spouse in 2013, takes his parents to task for refusing to attend his wedding. The letter lays out, in detail, his perception of what happened, and then goes on to say that he will forgive them, but only if they will admit in front of the entire family that they were wrong.

Can the rift be healed?

Hodges says:

“All of us are on a journey to understand the meaning and importance of love, and it’s not always an easy path; as much as we all have the capacity to love, we also have the capacity to hurt one another. In this moment, sadly, these parents seem to be in a place where their actions are causing only hurt.”

She continues, “I hope this man will continue to reach beyond the need for parental love to the other love surrounding him, including from his husband. At the same time, I am hopeful that at some point in the future, this relationship can heal. We see this kind of change at PFLAG all the time; we know it is possible.”

You can read the article at Yahoo Parenting.  
And visit Out magazine to read the original letter.