September 24, 2017

As you work with families in the PFLAG community, you may be encountering new and changing understandings of gender. PFLAG is hearing from more and more parents whose children are transgender, nonbinary or otherwise gender-expansive, and our leaders need the latest information, language and tools to help support these parents in their journey. Fortunately, help is here! PFLAG is pleased to be partnering with the national nonprofit Gender Spectrum in our joint work in support of these families! To help launch the partnership, On October 3 from 8:30-9:30 ET, Gender Spectrum’s Executive Director Lisa Kenney will be leading a webinar on “Gender Basics for Parents”.

Lisa is the co-author of The Transgender Teen: A Handbook for Parents and Professionals Supporting Transgender and Nonbinary Teens, and she will join us for this amazing one-time presentation of Gender Basics for Parents as a part of PFLAG Academy Online. This exclusive e-learning session is open to PFLAG members and supporters nationwide.

During the webinar, Lisa will discuss the dimensions of gender, gender and sexual orientation, the new language of gender, and how to best navigate the evolving understandings of gender in support of PFLAG families and our community. You will also have an opportunity to ask Lisa any questions about gender that have come up for you in your work with PFLAG or in your own life!

Lisa will also present a workshop at the PFLAG National Convention on “Affirmative Parenting: The Important Role Parents Play in Reducing Risk Factors for Transgender and Nonbinary Youth.” Don’t miss this important discussion with vital information for parents and caregivers that can lead to healthier outcomes for transgender and nonbinary children.

The Gender Spectrum website is a treasure trove of amazing resources and information, and they have some current and upcoming programs that you will want to explore. Their recent Back to School programs include great tips and tools for parents, teachers and students that demonstrate the importance of gender inclusive schools for all children. They also host nationwide online support groups for parents of transgender and gender-expansive children, as well as a Dads Group and a group for Spanish-speaking parents. The Gender Spectrum online community, The Lounge, is also a place where PFLAG leaders can connect online for resources, tools and support in working with families. Gender Spectrum will have many new programs coming for Transgender Awareness Week in November, you can find these and many more resources on the Gender Spectrum Youtube channel and blog.

Here are the details for the PFLAG Academy Online session - register now!

About this Event:

Date & Time: Tuesday, October 2 - 8:30 PM Eastern / 5:30 PM Pacific

Host: Lisa Kenney & Jamie Henkel

Workshop Description: Discussions of gender are everywhere these days. Unfortunately, these discussions can leave us more confused than ever. Whether for your own information, or to help you support parents of transgender and nonbinary children in your PFLAG work, this workshop will provide you the foundation you need. We will discuss gender, how it differs from our sex and sexual orientation, common terms you might hear and what they mean, the ways in which understandings of gender are evolving, and how all of us can navigate these expanding understandings in our families and communities.

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