April 10, 2019

In 2008, we were reeling from learning that our 15 year old “son” identified as a trans girl. I was desperate for support for my child, myself, and my family. We felt alone and frightened and had not yet found PFLAG, nor any other local resources, support, or knowledgeable providers here in the Mid-Atlantic. But we did find a family conference on the west coast, so we dipped into our rainy day fund and flew to Seattle.

There we found information, resources, and the strength to tackle this amazing journey. And we found others on a similar journey. But most importantly, after years of darkness, our child began to blossom again. Understanding the life-saving value of such resources (and looking for local company on our journey), I set out to create a network of support back in Maryland for other families with trans and gender-expansive kids.

In 2014, we joined forces with some moms from PFLAG NYC, who shared that dream, and Gender Conference East was born.

Five years later, we’re thrilled to announce two gender family conferences on the East Coast. Gender Conference East has grown so successfully that it has launched:

We are, first and foremost, a community of support.

The Friday Professional Symposium is focused on educators, mental health and other health professionals—any professional working with transgender and gender-expansive kids or adults.

The Saturday Family and Youth day offers tracks for youth and workshops for parents.

With greater media coverage and more visible role models, our children are coming to understand themselves more and more rapidly, and we are here, local to the east coast, ready to support them.

Visit www.GenderConference.NYC or www.GenderJourneyMidAtlantic.org to learn more and to sign up for updates.