May 30, 2017

As part of our #TakeOneStep initiative to honor our founder’s steps in support of her gay son, we’re proud to partner with Equality Florida on #HonorThemWithAction, launched in memory of the event that happened at Pulse Nightclub. The goal? To uproot the anti-LGBTQ animus that feeds bullying, harassment, discrimination, and violence.

Who could forget the devastation of June 12, 2016, when 49 lives were taken--and hundreds more injured and affected--through one violent act. In the hours, days, and weeks that followed, shock and disbelief turned to grief and anger. But, at a moment when some sought to meet fear with fear and hate with hate, we saw a community pull together across difference united in a commitment to challenge bigotry and hatred, not nourish it. A deep resilience emerged from survivors, the victims’ loved ones, Orlando residents and leaders, and LGBTQ people and our allies across the country and around the world. Vigils and fundraisers were held, and people everywhere committed to combatting hatred of all kinds. In all, more than 850 events sprang up around the country, many of them led by PFLAGers and PFLAG chapters.

Now, we are partnering with Equality Florida on this effort to do the same and raise up the Orlando community. Along with the other organizers, it is our hope that all will embrace the call to #HonorThemWithAction.

We invite you to #TakeOneStep and #HonorThemWithAction in whatever way is meaningful and available, in the way that works best for you. Maybe you’ll focus on a single day of action, or perhaps it will be a month-long effort to make a difference in your community. Whatever inspires you: Be bold. Be innovative.

Here are just a few ideas for making a difference:

  • Challenge leaders of different faiths to speak out against anti-LGBTQ violence.
  • Talk to your school superintendent about anti-bullying programs in the schools.
  • Directly engage elected leaders.
  • Host an LGBTQ-inclusive community dialogue on the dramatic spike in hate violence.

Ready to get involved? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Register your chapter at
  2. Use the hashtag #HonorThemWithAction and #TakeOneStep on social media to share organization or individual stories to raise awareness about the step you are taking to uproot anti-LGBTQ bias and bigotry.
  3. Share your plans with Equality Florida to #HonorThemWithAction, who will list all projects and events from partner organizations.

Let’s work together to ensure the lasting memorial is the real change of uprooting anti-LGBTQ hatred, discrimination, and violence in our culture. Thank you for standing with us to do the work of fully addressing and combating hatred wherever it exists.