June 2, 2016

Whether you celebrate Pride in June or elsewhere on the calendar, community events are a key place to let people know what you do, the services you provide, your commitment to supporting all people, and how they can connect with you.  It’s an opportunity—and a responsibility—to ensure that everyone in the crowd sees PFLAG as a source of support, education, and advocacy.

Take action on improving your chapter’s external appearances by trying out these four strategies:

Make sure people see PFLAG!  Ensure that your event materials -- like banners, flyers, and handouts -- all have the PFLAG logo in a highly visible place. If you have the resources, remember: PFLAG is no longer an acronym, but our organization’s name. Don’t use the former spelled-out version, as it doesn’t signal that we are inclusive of the entire LGBTQ community.

Don’t forget allies. A significant number of attendees at Pride and community events aren’t LGBTQ, but allies to the community. Be sure that you’ve got resources and materials to attract and engage them, too. Check out PFLAG’s Straight for Equality website to download or order.

Demonstrate your inclusion. Assess your materials -- do you have images and examples of diverse communities? Are there people of color? Different generations? People with different abilities? Attendees at events often respond when they see themselves, so be aware of your images. Also be sure to have a diverse representation of members at your booth or table.

Invite people to come back! Be ready with an invitation to your next program, event, or meeting, and make the information easily sharable. Printing a flyer or postcard with the details provides people an easy take-away and increases the chance you’ll see them again.

And remember: While Pride is a perfect time to elevate PFLAG’s message to the many who need to hear it, the other 364 days a year offer opportunities—big and small—to move everyone closer to the PFLAG vision of a world where diversity is celebrated and all people are respected and valued.