January 30, 2017

Were you one of the thousands of people who signed up to join the PFLAG National Rapid Response Team last week? If not, now is definitely the time.

PFLAGers know that legislators listen most closely to those within their zip code. Constituents have power, and so does PFLAG’s unified voice of LGBTQ people, families and allies. By joining the team, you will have access to the resources you need to take action.

You'll get:

  • Information. You’ll be kept informed of urgent actions needed at all levels of government--federal, state, and local--to protect the civil rights of people who are LGBTQ.
  • Tools. We’ll provide you with legislative lookup links, talking points, and other tools resources to take relevant, robust, and rapid action. Here's one to start with: Watch PFLAG Academy Online learning session, to supercharge your PFLAG lobbying skills!
  • A Course of Action. Actions will include calling legislators, making local lobbying visits, posting on social media, contacting school administrators, and more. You only need to take those actions you are comfortable with and ready to take. And if you’re ready to move outside of your comfort zone? We will be there to support you in taking that step, too.
  • Staff Support. PFLAG National’s trained and attentive staff will help you harness YOUR power to make sure that the legislators who represent you hear your well-informed, strong voice clearly and loudly.

PFLAG National Rapid Response Team members will be called upon to take direct and swift action to demand fairness, justice, and equality for our community and families, or to thank legislators who are doing the right thing and need to hear that their actions are valued and have an impact.

When you join, you'll hear from us on all actions at the federal level, and only on state and local actions geared to your zip code.

Visit pflag.org/rapidresponse to sign up, and visit pflag.org/advocacy-101 for more information on our advocacy work.