In today's Dear Abby column, we hear from Wants To Be Supportive, who has a friend whose child has come out as transgender.

Says Wants To Be Supportive:

To say the least, my friend and his wife are finding it difficult to deal with. He doesn't understand why she can't just be gay, which he would be fine with. I want to give them emotional support while at the same time supporting Ronnie, but I'm having a hard time relating to their feelings.

Well Dear Abby knew just what to say...and where to send the parents for help:

I know an excellent LGBT organization that has been mentioned before in my column. It's called PFLAG. The largest increase in new individuals reaching out to PFLAG is now among trans people and their family members.

Abby is right! And we're thrilled to once again be able to help another family in need. 

We hope you'll check out the whole letter...and thanks, Dear Abby, for including us as part of your support team!