November 30, 2015

In our most recent edition of the PFLAGPole (Winter 2016), we were excited to highlight some of the LGBTQ and ally youth who received scholarships from PFLAG National and our funding partners, including Dow (GLAD) Employee Network, Lockheed Martin, and Walmart Foundation. As promised, here is the profile of another young scholar, whom we profile in the PFLAGPole, but did not have a photo to run at press time. We are happy to reintroduce him, this time with his photo!

Andres Riveria-Vazquez (Katy, Texas) is an honors student who plans to attend University of Texas @ Austin to study Chemistry. He has volunteered at Pride festivals and Creating Change, as well as participated in local Alzheimer's fundraising walks. After first coming out to his best friend as a freshman in high school, he came out to his family in the summer between sophomore and junior years. He was surprised and relieved to learn that his family was supportive; they now attend PFLAG meetings together, and even participated together in Pride. He is now working to found a GSA at his school prior to graduating, in order to help other students.

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