John and Nancy Desmond of PFLAG Tampa receive
Human Rights Council President's Community Award

This week, PFLAG National ecstatically congratulates Nancy and John Desmond of PFLAG Tampa on receiving the inaugural President’s Community Award from the Human Rights Council of Tampa-Hillsborough County (FL)! The award recognizes all of the great work John and Nancy have been doing in their chapter, PFLAG Tampa to advance equality for and affirm the value of our LGBTQ friends and family.

As reported by Catherine Sinclair in the Plant City Observer, Mark Nash honored John and Nancy specifically for their work to adopt the domestic registry program and expand Tampa-Hillsborough County’s non-discrimination ordinance to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

The award signals that the Human Rights Council of Tampa-Hillsborough is beginning to recognize LGBTQ issues and advancements. As Mark says, “This first-ever award by the President of the Council clearly extends the council’s scope beyond racial civil rights, which is a pretty impressive step, considering how conservative this county has been.”

An impressive step forward that is only possible thanks to all the steps John and Nancy have taken to support, affirm and advocate for our LGBTQ loved ones. We congratulate John and Nancy and wish them all the best!