March 30, 2017

On Thursday, March 30th, the North Carolina legislature claimed they repealed HB2...but PFLAG does not believe the LGBTQ community, their families or allies concerns were truly addressed; it was an easy headline and we remain steadfast in our demand for a full repeal.

In response to the “non repeal” repeal, we released the following statement from Diane Troy, Volunteer Regional Director and a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina:

“This is frustrating and heart-breaking for the LGBTQ community and for families like mine who fear our children are now even more at risk because the government of North Carolina is claiming repeal of this awful law, said Diane Troy, Volunteer Regional Director, PFLAG National.  

“There are no statewide nondiscrimination laws in our state for the LGBTQ community so the message that is being sent is that discriminatory practices can be the law of the land. Clearly, this alleged repeal is not a repeal, and private businesses can enact bathroom bans for trans people and prohibit local governments from acting or stopping those actions in their communities.  These are not North Carolinian values, and my hope is that the NBA, NCAA, businesses and other organizations that have demanded fairness for all so far stand their ground, aligned with LGBTQ people and their families and allies who they love.”

Here, too, is a great op-ed in The Hill by our Director of Advocacy, Policy & Partnerships, Diego Sanchez.