June 6, 2016

To my Son,

It hasn’t been easy for you, in fact only a few know just how close to the edge you were at times. You learned to hide it well with phony smiles and forced replies when asked if you were ok.

I want you to know that I knew better. I saw how sad and unhappy you were trying to fit into a world that didn’t make sense to you. The struggle was heartbreaking but it was one that I couldn’t solve for you. It was a step that you alone had to take trusting that we would be there for you when you felt as if no one would be.

As you bravely begin to declare your true self to the world I now feel that I can freely give you a little advice about this world of ours.

Not everyone will like your decision or accept you. Some may even be angry. Thats ok, that’s not your anger its theirs. Allow them to process it. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for being who you are.

Some will end their friendships with you. That’s ok too. You have received all the spiritual exchanges with them that you needed to move forward on your journey. Thank them and wish them well.

People will tell you that you have changed. Take this as a compliment. If they really knew you, they will see that you really haven’t changed at all just allowed your light to shine through.

And the big one, You are going to hell. Well, your not lol My God and the God that I have taught you about loves you. So far no one has come back from the dead and told us otherwise. Do not engage in these conversations and do not allow anyone to make you feel as if you are not worthy. Because you are!

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing your child wake up from a long sleep and see the world as if for the first time. I feel this as I watch you now. Your smile is a true smile and you are not carrying a heavy secret on your shoulders any longer. Your step is a bit quicker and your hug is a lot tighter. Amazing things begin to appear in your life Ryan when you are true to who you are. We are proud of you. We love you. All we ever wanted for you was for you to be YOU.

Mom <3