August 20, 2017

Family support makes a transformative difference in the lives of people who come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. And when parents and families share their stories--coming out in support of their LGBTQ children and loved ones--they not only bolster them, but embolden others to do the same.

Now, thanks to a wonderful video created by 3M in partnership with PFLAG, we’re ready to send that message far and wide...and share more uplifting stories.

#ParentsComingOut shares the real-life stories of parents making their support loudly and visibly known to their kids. It highlights the moment when a child hears--really hears--their parents’ support loud and clear. It is truly powerful, not just for their kids, but to move others forward on a path to acceptance and support of their own LGBTQ kids and loved ones.

Like the parents in the video, you have an opportunity to magnify your own story and message of support to change lives. Here’s how:

Coming out as proud parents won’t just make a difference in the life of your own LGBTQ kid or loved one, but has the opportunity to change hearts and minds everywhere.