December 31, 2013

Dear M,

Today marks one year that your life changed. That our family's life changed. Our foundation shook just like the steps of your school bus as you sprinted home on your last day of 4th grade. This was the last day of school for my son, and the first day of summer, and a new life, for my new daughter. You told us months before that you were "different". That your outsides didn't match your soul.

We were scared. As parents you want your kiddos to have a happy, easy childhood. This looked scary, and so very unknown. But we all rolled with it. The plan was to transition over the summer, so on the last day of school, you bounced off that bus, went straight to your room to change into your new girly clothes, and emerged a beautiful, happy girl. You were a butterfly.

This year hasn't been easy. We are fighting battles we didn't know existed before. Your trying to find your place in a world that doesn't completely understand. But the way you do it blows my mind. With grace and a smile. Your smile...My goodness your smile. You walk this world with your head high and a smile that wins everyone's heart. No one even stands a chance against that smile. It's how we know that supporting you, and allowing you to follow your soul, was not only the right choice, but the ONLY choice. M, we will fight for you, and along side you, support you, and encourage you, every single day if it keeps that smile alive.

Thank you M for teaching us every day. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of being your parents. Thank you for trusting us to walk this journey along side you. It's been your both your best year ever, and is only going to get better. We may stumble at times, but I promise we will always dust ourselves off, and follow your smile.

I can't wait to see where you go next,
Mom and Dad