March 23, 2014

Jacob, I write this letter to you to let you know just how much I Love you.

I wish there was another word besides ‘Love’ to say because I feel the word love has lost it’s true meaning, It has been way over used. People will say they love there car, or there house, or even clothing. That being said, I Love you Jacob as God Loves, with out condition, with all that I am, with every drop of blood, sweet or tears I have.

I know I have not been the best of people to look up to, from what most people would say is successful.
However, I know what Love is and what life is about, and it is not what you see on TV or from most of what you have learned from friends or family.

Jacob, you taught ‘me’ what Love is! When I was delivering you from your Mom, and as I held you in my hands, I saw and felt Love for the first time in my life. I said these words which I will never forget, “So this is what Love is”!

Jacob, Love, or to Love someone is to show, it is about action, or what one person does, it is about giving of ones self, of ones’ time and energy, the only two things that can never be replaced. It is not about what one buys for another person, although Love is a gift! Love can not be bought or sold. I do not feel we should even say we Love stuff or things. Love means believing in someone, to do everything you can for that person, to help build what dreams they may have. Love is to actively listen to the one you Love, it is to give more then you receive. Love is to do whatever you can to promote the others well~being, happiness, and security.

To Love is a choice and commitment to another person or persons. It is dedicated to growth and fulfillment, it is Not selfish. I do not feel you can have ‘true genuine Love’ for more then one person, as a partner. That being said, I do feel we can have Love for others through out our lives. Meaning, I have love for all Humanity, I have no hate, or dislike for anyone, however I do not agree with many peoples actions, ideas, or ways of life.

Jacob, the bottom line is I Love you, and I hope that I have lived up to all of the above! Jacob, you are an amazing individual, an amazing human-being! You with out exception have the mind, heart, and soul to do and be anything you want. On 1/19/2014 you turned 18, Happy Birthday!!, you will be free to go into this world and be free of the court and of Mom and Me!

Jacob I will always live in your heart and memories, I can only hope that I have had as much impact on your life as you have had on mine!! You may notice that the date of this letter is from 2012, it is because I started writing it on that date.... I have watched as you have grown, learned and become the man you are, impress me!

Jacob the only advice I have for you is to Love more, to forgive all who hurt you, to live life to its fullest and with your heart and not the mind! Use your mind to only figure things out, like math and how to fix something.. not to live life. Try not to over think things and to live with less ego. Travel when you get any chance too. Help humanity we need it, help your family, your neighbor! Go out into the world and ask who and how can I help today!!

Jacob, for some reason I have been blessed to be your father... I am sooo honored to be so, and thank ‘God’ for the most amazing gift I have ever been given, and that is you!!

With all that I am ….... Dad