Marsha Aizumi with Stefen,
her straight ally son

Dear Stefen:

There are many unsung heroes in the LGBTQ movement, and one of them is you, my son. Today I want the world to know what an incredible human being you are. You stood by your sister when she came out as lesbian, even though at 12 years of age you really didn't know what that word meant. All you knew was that you loved your sister, and so who she would love did not matter. What mattered to you was that she was happy.

Five years later, when your sister told you that she would be transitioning to be your brother, you stood by him once again, not questioning his decision or how that decision would affect you. You just accepted your new brother. Even though I see Aiden as courageous, I also see the courage in you to stand by him. At an event recently, when a person asked you about how you were affected by having a brother that was transgender, you said, "Most of my friends were accepting, and if they weren't, they would not be my friend." Even with the possibility of yourself being rejected by others, you still chose your brother over everything else.

A lot of attention has been given to Aiden, through our book, our speaking and our advocacy. I want to make the world safer for him, and he and I want to make the world safer for all LGBTQ individuals. But all this would not be possible without your unconditional support and acceptance of him. You are the kind of son any mother would be proud of. And when I look into your eyes, all I see is love.

Marsha and Stefen
Loving and respecting all that you are,