Mother and Son
by Niky Never

This is a short but sweet letter, to my short and sweet son.

Only nine years old, but already telling us that you're bisexual. You have a crush on a girl...and you have a crush on a boy. 

And as so many have told me, you're entirely open and accepting...until it's your own kid.

I'm working it, I'm smiling, I'm supportive, I want to hear. Your dad, too, open, accepting, but suggesting maybe you shouldn't label yourself so young...what if you change your mind. And I think that too, although I don't say it...and then I can't believe that I'm thinking it.

So I stop.

And I hug you, my little man, and I know that whoever you are, whomever you love, all I want for you and all your dad wants for you is for others to see you as we see you: lovable, emotional, handsome, kind, funny, smart. But especially lovable.

Queer, straight, bi, gay...or something else. No matter to us. We've got you, and we've got this.