April 17, 2014

PFLAGers always make it a point to speak out, especially when the health and well being of their LGBTQ loved ones is on the line. And when they're given the opportunity to do so in the press, that message can have a powerful and wide-reaching effect!

Two chapters have garnered some positive press in the last couple of weeks, and we're excited to share their efforts with all of you.

First, we have an interview with PFLAG Hastings (Nebraska) on adding gender identity and sexual orientation to the state's employment non-discrimination policy. http://www.khastv.com/story/local-lgbt-activists-hope-lawmakers-pass-workplace-equality-bill-20140406

Next up, we have an interview with PFLAG Ohio State Coordinator Michael Ley on Judge Black's impending ruling on the Ohio marriage ban. http://www.hometownstations.com/story/25167177/same-sex-marriage-ruling.

It's fantastic when a chapter positions themselves as the "go-to" on LGBTQ issues in their area. Working with local press is a beneficial way to help a chapter raise its profile and, at the same time, share widely on issues of concerns to PFLAG members.

Need help sharing YOUR chapter message with local press? Been asked to conduct an interview and not sure how to proceed? Contact PFLAG National Director of Communications Liz Owen for support and information!