February 28, 2015

Catherine Hyde, a longtime PFLAG member, PFLAG Howard County trans coordinator, and PFLAG National Board Member, is helping Maryland chapters partner with FreeState Legal to create trans*[email protected], a new website meant to offer answers to legal questions often asked by trans* youth and their parents.

Hyde was quoted in a piece in the Baltimore Sun stating, "We want to help parents figure out what they have to do, what they can do to protect their children."

The site, which is still in the development stages, is meant to provide practical support to parents. While PFLAG meetings can provide emotional support, education on trans issues, and advocacy opportunities, parents of trans kids need very specific assistance on issues such as legal name changes, gender ID on official paperwork, and more. That's where this site comes in.

Hyde believes that, at some point in the near future, the site will being to incorporate personal stories from trans kids and their parents. Her experience with PFLAG has shown her how crucial hearing personal stories from others can be in the journey to acceptance and understanding...as well as in practical matters, such as experience with personnel in different government offices. Having that information can prepare a family before walking into a meeting "blind."

For more information, visit the new site at transyouthmd.wordpress.com/ or submit a question.