You probably remember Debi, the mom of a trans kid who took to the stage with a video "letter"--shared here on A Note to My Kid--to all who seemed not to understand or want to support her family. The video letter went viral, and suddenly Debi found herself with a worldwide platform to share her experiences so that others might learn from them.

In the time since that video was shared everywhere, Debi has become an active PFLAG leader, as the newly elected head of PFLAG Kansas City!

Debi attended the PFLAG National Annual Meeting last month, to share her story, and also share why she feels that it's crucial that the organization that runs this blog--PFLAG--no longer use the name "Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays" and instead adopt its acronym--PFLAG--as the official name of the organization.

Here she shares the difference PFLAG has made in her life, as well as her passion for leading the KC chapter into the future. Her first order of business? Updating the KC chapter website, to make sure that all families, including families like hers, know they are part of the PFLAG family.

Debi's words will move you, make you think, inspire you!

Want to read them for yourself? Click here for a full transcript of her powerful speech.