March 15, 2017

We’re thrilled to share the first of three 2017 editions of the PFLAGPole with you, and the first to be delivered exclusively digitally.

This edition is focused on the journey toward diversity and inclusion. In it, we have a message on our ongoing work from the Chair of our board-level committee focused on our diversity and inclusion efforts, as well as a re-print of our board-approved Unity and Inclusion Statement.

When we first released that statement earlier this year, we reminded you that PFLAGers are  the “angelic troublemakers” spoken about by Bayard Rustin. We have watched with pride as PFLAG members and supporters have tucked themselves into places to keep the wheels of injustice from rolling over not just LGBTQ people, but people from many different marginalized communities. We have seen you take action in support of immigrants, and in support of people of color. We have heard you speak in support of people of different faiths and ethnicities, ages and abilities.

Simply put: You’ve been taking the steps needed to make a difference for people at the cross-section of a variety of different communities.

Your actions have echoed those of our founder, Jeanne Manford, who took literal steps in support of her gay son in the streets of NYC, carrying a sign calling on others to take steps with her in support of their own children. This June 28th, we will celebrate the 45th anniversary of that march and, to honor Jeanne’s legacy, we are launching our #TakeOneStep campaign.

We call on all of you to continue following in Jeanne’s footsteps, and to #TakeOneStep in support of diverse marginalized communities, in a meaningful way and as often as you can. Whether that’s literally taking a step in a march, or figuratively taking a step in support, we can all do it. In this edition of the PFLAGPole, read about all the steps PFLAG took last year, and then see the centerfold story for a long list of actions you can take that will make a difference in someone’s life.

Let’s continue the work, extending Jeanne’s rallying cry of support from parents to other family members, friends, co-workers, and allies from all walks of life. Together, we’ll keep taking those crucial steps, big and small, toward equality and fairness for all people. #TakeOneStep