LGBTQ high school seniors, college students, and graduate students who reside in San Diego County are being offered an opportunity for assistance with college tuition, thanks to PFLAG San Diego and its many members and supporters.
PFLAG San Diego's 2015 scholarships, as in past years, are give out to outstanding LGBTQ students, encouraging them to continue their post-secondary education while promoting a positive image of LGBTQ youth.
The minimum scholarship amount is $1,000 in each of several categories, and more than one scholarship may be given out in each of those categories. This year, according to the Scholarships page on the PFLAG San Diego website, the following opportunities are being offered:
John Bessemer Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is made possible through the generosity of PFLAG family and friends to honor John’s commitment to LGBT youth.
Rob Benzon Memorial Scholarship: To honor a beloved and generous friend, Rob Benzon, the Rob Benzon Foundation Scholarship was created to recognize youth who demonstrate a giving spirit and charisma.
Stephen G. Bowersox Memorial Scholarship: Through the generosity of the family, friends and co-workers of the Donna and James Bowersox family, this scholarship has been sustained. Their son, Stephen, was the recipient of a 2003 scholarship. This award is strongly predicated on social justice, demonstrated involvement and high academic achievement, as well as broad, far-reaching interests and activities.
Richard P. Geyser Memorial Ethics Scholarship at the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation: Funding for this scholarship was bequeathed by Philip Flick to honor his partner of 44 plus years and his commitment to ethics. Richard Geyser, who passed away in 2004, was the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation’s first board president and a founding member.
John McCusker Memorial Scholarship at the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation: Established by the family and friends of John McCusker, a community leader, business owner and San Diego Human Dignity Foundation board vice president, the Foundation has continued to fund this scholarship.
Raytheon STEM Scholarship: This is provided by the members of The Raytheon GLBTA Employee Resource Group as a STEM scholarship to attract, support and train future LGBT professionals in science, technology, engineering or math.
Mary Wagner Memorial Scholarship: Mary’s former partner, Sharon Murphy, and her life-long friends, Marilyn and Art Carpenter, have contributed annually to the scholarship to honor Mary’s memory and enduring commitment to education.
The deadline for applications is March 16, 2015. Visit for full information, including guidelines and requirements. 
We congratulate PFLAG San Diego on its continued commitment to supporting LGBTQ youth through education and this robust scholarship program!