PFLAG SGV API was featured in a piece on Public Radio KPCC about the Asian Pacific Islander LGBT community in Southern California, and the process of coming out based on their cultural needs.

Carol Mannion, president of the SGV API chapter is quoted in the piece, which includes a discussion of why the chapter was created in the first place:

Carol Mannion, who’s Filipino-American, created the group because she felt people would be more open and honest if they met with others who had similar backgrounds.

"And then being vulnerable in your own language really gives you that courage," says Mannion.

Carol is the parent of a gay son, but said something was missing when she attended a support group with a mainstream American crowd.

"I know they totally understand what my process is as a parent of a gay son, but there’s a part where there’s a disconnect with them understanding what it feels like to be a minority."

Her group holds sessions in English, Chinese or any number of languages in order to help people feel at ease. In addition, they'll facilitate a translator for people who do need help coming out to their parents.

But most importantly, members can share their experiences and offer advice to other people worried about how their own parents might react.

Click here to watch a video and hear more from Carol in her own words.

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