This week, PFLAG National congratulates PFLAG St. Charles, in Missouri, on receiving two awards in one month! Chapter founder and president Jill Aul and her spouse Bill have been named the 2015 SAGE Advocates of the Year. And at the same time, Pride St. Louis has selected PFLAG St. Charles for its annual Jim Hoeffer Award. Well done!

The Dennis Hostetler SAGE Advocate Award commemorates advocates over the age of 50 who have significantly contributed to the cause of LGBT equality in St. Louis and its surrounding counties. “[Jill and Bill’s] work through PFLAG St. Charles and the first ever St. Charles Pride is a true inspiration,” Sherrill Wayland of SAGE Metro wrote by email. “[They] are making a difference in the region for LGBT equality.” 

Pride St. Louis bestows the Jim Hoefer Award to an organization that excellently demonstrates service to St. Louis’ LGBT Community. By email, Dennis Grog of Pride St. Louis said, “It is with great pride...that Pride St. Louis has selected PFLAG St. Charles as this year’s Jim Hoefer Award!”

While Jill is “thrilled and humbled” by the recognition her chapter is receiving, she is staying focused. “For the very first time, our PFLAG chapter is planning a Pride festival in our county (St. Charles county, MO) and it has gotten a LOT of local attention,” she said by email. “We’ve been on TV, in the newspaper, radio, etc. Our vision of a small family picnic has mushroomed into a huge, full scale Pride festival.”

Stay focused and have a good festival-- but be sure to take some time to celebrate! PFLAG National congratulates Jill Aul, her partner Bill, and all members of PFLAG St. Charles on two well-deserved awards. Thank you for your advocacy for and affirmation of our LGBT friends and family!