December 31, 2017

Normally, we would hate to print a retraction. But when it's THIS kind of retraction, well, how can we resist?

Yolanda Bogert and Guy Kershaw of Queensland, Australia had no idea that when they had a baby 20 years ago, the gender assigned their child at birth (female) was not the gender that child identified with (male).

So when, these two incredible, loving parents learned that their child was transgender, and was transitioning from female to male, they made an incredible show of their love and support: they sent out a retraction of the original birth announcement, and corrected it!

This truly touching statement has gone completely viral, receiving coverage in major press outlets across continents, as well as in social media, where it was first picked up in a tweet.

In an interview with Australia's Courier-Mail, Kai's mom Yolanda said, "I needed to show my son I support him 100 percent and wanted to let the world know that."

As for Kai? He tells the Courier-Mail, "I am so happy with what she has done. This last week has changed everything for me!"

Read the whole original story in the Courier-Mail.