August 10, 2020

A good plan can overcome any obstacle, even 2020!

The pandemic has cancelled everything from trips to school to date night, but PFLAG National wants to help make sure it doesn’t cancel your vote.

Research shows that having a plan to vote increases voter turnout by 4.1%. Make a #2020VotePlan and stick to it to make a difference for you and your LGBTQ+ loved ones. By making a plan--and encouraging others to do the same and share their plan--you’ll be increasing the odds that more people will go to the polls and cast their ballots.

Ready to get started?


First: Make Your #2020VotePlan

Step 1. Check to see if you’re registered to vote and, if you’re not, get registered now. Make sure your name and address match your registration. 

Step 2. Decide how you want to vote.

Step 3. Check the voting requirements for your state, including 

  • Your poll location (if voting in person);

  • The earliest date you can vote; and 

  • Whether you need an ID to vote in your state. 

Step 4. Mark your calendar and set reminders once your plan is in place. Timing is everything with this election. 

Step 5. Tell others. Join the Seven-Day #2020VotePlan Challenge below.

Step 6: Vote! A plan is only good if you follow through. We’re depending on you!

Step 7: Track your ballot. Wondering whether your vote counts? Take this final step to make sure that your vote gets tallied.


Next: Fill out your “I’m Voting Because…” card. 

Fill in and take a selfie with your “I’m Voting Because…” card. Then keep it someplace handy to make sure you stick to your plan.

To fill out the card, you have a few options:

  • Print it out and fill it in.
  • Open the pdf on your phone or tablet, and use a drawing app to fill out your card.
  • Use the 'Sign and Fill' feature in Adobe Acrobat (free to download) to complete your card virtually. You can do this by selecting the icon at the top of the page that looks like a pen. Selecting it will bring a prompt with a red tag, and a dialogue box that will allow you to either draw or type your response. Fill it in, click apply, then adjust the size and placement of your text as needed. 
  • Download the pdf and use the Form Fill (already included in the pdf).


Now...Take the Seven-Day #2020VotePlan Challenge!

Every day for 7 days, post a selfie using your filled out “I’m Voting Because…” card, tag your posts with #2020VotePlan, then challenge your friends to do the same! 

Copy and paste this text into your social feed with your photo or video:

Make a #2020VotePlan: 
Download/Fill in your vote plan:

I was nominated by @_________ to participate in the #2020VotePlan challenge to help get out the vote.  Today is Day ___ of 7 of sharing my #2020VotePlan!

I'm voting because:

I confirmed my voter registration and that my ID matches my registration on: [date]

I plan to vote by mail / in person on: [date/time]

My polling place is located at: 

The earliest date I can vote is: [date]

If voting in person, my transportation will be: 

I need to bring the following ID to vote in my state: 

Today, I nominate @_________ to share their plan, too.

The rules are simple:

*Every day, record yourself or post a picture with your “I’m voting because” card or frame, along with your #2020VotePlan.
*Every day, you nominate a different person.
*Once you are nominated, your 7 days starts the following day.