May 30, 2017

Perhaps no one knows better than a PFLAGer how much work Pride can be. There’s months of planning, swimming in seas of rainbow swag, staffing booths at festivals, and, of course, soaking in the incredible love that fills our events.

So with all of that going on, we’d like to offer a simple challenge for everyone this month.

Well, maybe it’s not that simple. But it is important.

It isn’t necessary to provide dozens of links to prove how very divided the country feels right now. No matter where you look--locally, at the state level, federally, and even internationally--people are struggling with making sense (and peace) in a world in which insults and jabs often replace sincere conversations dedicated to building understanding.

Being an ally, though, doesn’t mean being an ally only when it’s easy, but when things are feeling pretty dicey, too.

So here’s your Pride Month Straight for Equality Two-Step Challenge:

  1. Identify someone who you’ve never talked to about your PFLAG work or Pride. Bonus points if it is someone that you’ve assumed (without any real evidence to support your assumption) won’t be interested.
  2. Talk to them about what you’re doing for Pride and why it matters.

Super-duper-extra credit: Find a way to engage them. If they seem ready, then invite them to Pride. But remember, for some, that’s a big step. What about extending an invitation to a program that your chapter is doing sometime soon?

If that’s too big a step, share one of our Straight for Equality publications. A simple lift that allows them to tackle new subject matter at their own pace, in their own time. Start with guide to being a straight ally or guide to being a trans ally.

In a world full of bad assumptions and uncivil discourse, be the person who changes the conversation.

Happy Pride Month!