April 29, 2017

#TakeOneStep on May 1st and tell the U.S. House of Representatives to preserve healthcare! Use the power of your zip code and the strength of your PFLAG voice...you will truly save lives.

In the coming weeks, the House is likely to vote on the repeal of and replacement for The Affordable Care Act (ACA), currently known as the American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA).

The AHCA and its amendments:

  1. Make it optional for states to provide essential health benefits;
  2. Multiply costs for people living with pre-existing conditions -- and many LGBTQ people and others do; and
  3. Greatly burden the most marginalized and poor people.

Support is splintered, and the vote has already been postponed once, but your engagement is crucial: Only when constituents--people who live where their legislators do--weigh in does a message have the power to persuade.

Here’s the step to take in support:

As your constituent and as a member/supporter of PFLAG, I urge you to VOTE NO on any bill amendment that would repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act. As proposed and even as amended, this bill and amendment would cause more than 24 million people who have healthcare now could lose it. This amendment doesn’t represent America’s--and PFLAG’s--values.

  • Please be sure to thank the staffer for recording your message for your Representative.

Follow PFLAG National on social media, and use #ProtectOurCare, #SaveACA, or #ACAWorks to take part in the national conversation.

#TakeOneStep today and call!