September 27, 2017

Today, we’re proud to announce the winners of the 2017 PFLAG Chapter Awards. They’ll be honored at our awards luncheon at We Are The Change in Portland on Sunday, October 22. Join us in giving a (virtual) round of applause to:

PFLAG Charlotte, NC

In August 2015, PFLAG Charlotte launched an affiliate support group called Transparents of PFLAG Charlotte. Since its inception Transparents has grown from two moms in need of information and support to include 30 families throughout Mecklenburg County. The group hosts quarterly social events for families with trans and gender creative children to help assure families and youth that they are not alone.  They have also hosted fundraising events for the local LGBT center in Charlotte to help ensure that community needs are being met. Transparents has helped to establish PFLAG Charlotte as a trusted coalition partner on a variety of issues. Members of Transparents have worked in partnership with Equality North Carolina and participated in advocacy efforts around the repeal of HB2. Their stories have been featured in local news outlets including The Charlotte Observer, NPR Charlotte Talks, and WBTV News. They have also collaborated with Time Out Youth, a program of the Charlotte LGBT Center, to organizing meetings and events focused on creating safe schools with teachers, school board members, and the superintendent. In 2016 and 2017 Transparents of PFLAG Charlotte secured grant funding for a healthcare outreach campaign focused on educating pediatricians and family medicine providers about the importance of providing affirming, culturally competent and supportive care to trans-identified youth. This project has allowed Transparents to work with the Mecklenburg County Medical Society and the Carolinas Healthcare System, as well as with individual physicians, nurses, and therapists. They have distributed literature, conducted training, and provided one-on-one consultation.

PFLAG Orlando, FL

Established in 1990 PFLAG Orlando has a long history of providing support, education, and advocacy in the community and currently has more than active 60 members. Their efforts have adapted and shifted over times to accommodate changing community needs. For example, like many chapters, PFLAG Orlando members regularly table at events such as the Central Florida Fair, Gay Days at Walt Disney World, and Come Out with Pride. Recently they begun distributing business cards with information on how to access an app they have developed that links to the chapter Facebook page and PFLAG literature. They are in the process of updating and expanding the chapter website, adding bilingual capacity to their telephone helpline, and creating a YouTube channel.  Additionally, on June 12 when 49 men and women lost their lives at Pulse Nightclub, PFLAG Orlando members sprang into action. In the immediate aftermath, as the story was still breaking, one PFLAGer went to the area where families were gathering to translate police communications. The chapter’s June support meeting was three days after the shooting and chapter leadership ensured that a mental health professional was available to talk with attendees. Others made sure the mobile app had up to date information from city authorities. Many attended memorial services for the victims in the days and weeks after the shooting. Additionally, many of the donations that PFLAG Orlando received from around the world have been shared with coalition partners and organizations that serve Latino and LGBT families in Central Florida.

PFLAG San Gabriel Valley, CA

PFLAG San Gabriel Valley is a chapter that serves the Asian and Pacific Islander community in and around Los Angeles County. They began meeting as an affiliate support group of PFLAG Pasadena in April 2012 and became an independent chapter in May 2013. The chapter has adapted PFLAG’s support model in order to accommodate the culture-specific needs of Asian-American, Pacific Islander, East Asian, and South Asian families. They do their best to foster inter-generation dialogue, provide language assistance, and host afternoon tea, potlucks, and private family circles to meet the needs of their community. The chapter recently hosted a dinner for 30 PFLAG parents from China who were visiting the US. Additionally, PFLAG San Gabriel Valley has done amazing outreach in their community and established their chapter as a trusted coalition partner with the support of grant funding. Each year they march in the Los Angeles Golden Dragon Lunar New Year Parade as well as pride parades in Long Beach and Los Angeles. They have also helped to organize and support community events such as the API LGBT Youth Summit, the Creating Safe Faith Communities convening, and Okaeri 2016: A Nikkei LGBT Gathering. Members of the chapter also participate in various events and conferences, including the EDGY Conference, Models of Pride, and Asian American Mental Health conference as presenters and panelists.  The chapter has also created outreach videos to promote the chapter, allow families to share their stories, and support the LGBT API community nationwide.

And if you're interested in helping us celebrate these phenomenal chapters in person - register now for the 2017 PFLAG National Convention. Tickets to join us for our awards luncheon on Sunday, October 22 at 12:00 PM Pacific are now available.