November 29, 2017

Tomorrow, December 1st, is World AIDS Day, a day when people everywhere commit (or recommit) to playing a personal role in the global fight to end HIV and AIDS, offer support for people living with HIV, and remember people who died from the disease or complications derived from having lived with it. It is also an opportunity for everyone to remember to get tested and know their HIV status. 

PFLAG has long been committed to the fight against HIV and AIDS, as many of our earliest founders sadly lost children to the disease and became committed activists themselves. We are engaged in advocacy at the federal level, including supporting the REPEAL HIV Act and the Stop AIDS in Prison Act.

There are so many ways to get involved, from knowing your own status, to investigating healthcare options, to letting people know that you support the many efforts to eradicate the disease altogether. Visit for crucial information and resources. You can also visit the CDC HIV/AIDS website at, which is full of crucial resources and statistics.

Most important? GET TESTED. Click here to find free, fast and confidential testing near you.