Born Intersex: We Are Human! The Importance of Inclusion

Track: Raise Your Voice
Workshop Block 4: Sunday, October 27 – 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Room: Big Joe Turner A

Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez will present his TEDx Talk live, Born Intersex: We Are Human! After Anunnaki presents his husband of twenty-nine years, James Bunce, will share his experience and what it is like to be married to an intersex man who was originally mistakenly assigned female at birth. After they both present, they will guide an interactive discussion about the importance of intersex inclusion with PFLAG and why the parents of intersex kids need PFLAG support. In this discussion, they will cover the difference between being intersex and transgender, and will also share how some intersex people, and our life partners are also LGBTQ. We will end this discussion with any questions that the room might have for either Anunnaki or James.

Presenter Bios

Mx. Anunnaki Ray MarquezAnunnaki Ray Marquez, Jax Youth Equality and The Anunnaki Foundation

Anunnaki is a survivor of psychic mutilation, a parent of three kids, a spouse of twenty-eight years, an intersex activist and educator, a musician, an artist, and a “Gender Space Pirate” performer. He is also a person born with intersex natural bodily variations whose social activist and educational work focuses on an individual’s right to bodily autonomy, and the right to express their true gender identity. As a gender nonconforming androgynous intersex man, he has legally emancipated himself, and in November of 2017, medically and legally proved to a FL court that his biological sex is intersex. On September 17, 2018, and with much persistence he received the first CO intersex birth certificate. He is  creating his own restitution from being assigned wrong at birth, and firmly believes that the self-determination of gender identity is every human being’s human right and it is his life passion to educate this world.

James Garland Bunce IIJames Garland Bunce, II, The Anunnaki Foundation

James Bunce is a father, a GM World Class Technician, and shop foreman for a Cadillac dealer in Georgia. He has also been married to Mx. Anunnaki Ray, who was born intersex, for 29 years. When married they appeared as a heterosexual couple, and now that Anunnaki has reclaimed his true gender, they appear as a gay couple. In an emerging documentary, Stories of Intersex and Faith, as a family, they share their life story. James’ hope is that this documentary will help change the way intersex people are treated by society. Family means everything to James, and he feels blessed to be able to embark on this journey of changing society together with Anunnaki. As a founding board member to The Anunnaki Foundation, he now gives a voice for intersex children whose voice has been taken by being violated by non-consenting surgeries and celebrates self-determination with their families.

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