Building Local Bisexual+ Inclusive Communities
Raise Your Voice
Lynnette McFadzen, BiNet USA
Workshop Block 5: Sunday, October 22 - 9:45 am - 11:15 am
Salon D

This workshop will focus on the issues and disparities of the bisexual+ community. We’ll also look at how local and national organizations can become inclusive and supportive of bisexual youth and the bisexual+ population in general. It will explore the intersections in the bisexual+ our marginalized groups and how they are impacted. In addition, why it is important to speak up, speak out and stand up for people who are bisexual+.

Presenter Bio

Lynnette McFadzen is President of BiNet USA, the national nonprofit bisexual+ advocacy organization. They are also the Producer of The BiCast, podcasting for the bisexual+ community, and a core organizer with The Bi Brigade the local Portland bisexual+ community support and social group.

Sagan Wallace is a library paraprofessional by day and bisexual activist by night. They have been volunteering with Portland nonprofits for nearly a decade. Most recently they joined the core organizer team with Bi Brigade, where you can find them hosting discussion groups and coffee meet ups. You can contact them at

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