March 11, 2018 marks PFLAG's 45th anniversary, and we'll be celebrating all year long!

We are encouraging all of our chapters to hold meetings or events during the month of March. Here are some suggestions, or create one of your own! And for ideas about how to promote your event--and the anniversary as a whole--check out this page on PR and Media [].


This is a wonderful opportunity to promote your meetings and events widely, so that anywhere someone is across the country they can find the support they need from PFLAG. In addition to regular, in-person meetings, online gatherings via Facebook and telephone conference calls can also be scheduled to help reach a wider group of people.

Anniversary Celebrations

Time for a party! Celebrating with chapter leaders--current and former, chapter members, new visitors, other local organizations, and your local community is an excellent way to not only celebrate the milestone, but also raise awareness of your chapter and PFLAG at large. It can also be a great opportunity to do some fundraising for your chapter.

Chapter History

PFLAGers are nothing if not great storytellers, and what better time to collect your chapter stories and put them into a historical timeline. Whether by video, email submission, photos with captions shared on social media, or going round robin at a meeting to share the oral history, this is a fun collaborative activity that will give all of your members and supporters an idea of just how strong the foundation of your chapter is...and just how rooted in PFLAG’s national history.


We are excited to help chapters keep costs down and excitement up with special offers on the following films, directly from the filmmakers. Note that these are “community/educational” screenings for your chapter only, meaning tickets cannot be sold, although donations may be taken in a “pass the hat” format.

We really hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to share one or more of these films! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Liz Owen, Director of Communications, any time, at

From Selma to Stonewall (watch the trailer)

Running time: 35 mins Digital Download (A few DVDs are available for those who do not have digital capabilities.) This shorter version of the 56-minute documentary is perfect for showing at a chapter meeting followed by a group or panel discussion. Use the film for a starting point for open and frank conversation about how racism and heterosexism intersect. Hear stories from people who live at the intersection of identities and communities. Explore how we can work together to move us all forward, recognizing the humanity of every individual, and join us at the intersection where true change can happen!

Filmmaker: Marilyn Bennett, Director/Co-Executive Producer; Gil Caldwell, Co-Executive Producer

Official synopsis: A black, straight preacher (former PFLAG National board member Rev. Gil Caldwell) and a white, lesbian activist form an unusual bond as they seek to find the intersection between the Black Civil Rights and the LGBTQ Equality movements of today. As the film unfolds, they come to know people who live at the intersection, black LGBTQ people, who then share their life stories of struggle, resistance, faith, determination and hope. Here is the revolution.

Contact: Marilyn Bennett,

Pricing: $50 (Comes with screening rights to show multiple times for groups of 50 or less. Purchase in March for the 50% discount and have it ready to go for your 45th Anniversary meeting later in the year. You'll also have it on hand with your other chapter resources.) This special March offer is for the 35-minute version only, not available anywhere else at this time! The 56-minute feature length documentary is available through our website,

Real Boy (watch the trailer)

Running time(s): 72 mins (full), 55 mins (short)

Filmmaker: Shaleece Haas

Official synopsis: REAL BOY is an intimate story of a family in transition. As 19-year-old Bennett Wallace navigates sobriety, adolescence, and the evolution of his gender identity, his mother makes her own transformation from resistance to acceptance of her trans son. Along the way, both mother and son find support in their communities, reminding us that families are not only given, but chosen. REAL BOY has earned 20 festival awards, screened in 23 countries, and was broadcast on PBS’ Independent Lens in 2017. In January 2018, REAL BOY was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Documentary.

Contact: Order at, Questions? Contact Niccole Osborn at

Pricing: $100

Extras: The REAL BOY screening kit includes a screening host manual, a robust discussion guide, and a DVD with 2 versions of the film (inc. subtitles in English and Spanish, closed captions, and audio description for visually impaired)

Vito (watch the trailer)

Running time: 93 mins

Filmmaker: Jeffrey Schwarz

Official synopsis: On June 27, 1969, a police raid on a Greenwich Village gay bar took a surprising turn when patrons decided it was time to fight back. As a riot erupted outside the Stonewall Inn, a new era in the Gay Rights Movement was born. Vito Russo, a 23-year-old film student, was among the crowd. Over the next twenty years until his death from AIDS in 1990, Vito would go on to become one of the most outspoken and inspiring activists in the LGBT community’s fight for equal rights. Directed by award-winner Jeffrey Schwarz, Vito paints a galvanizing portrait of this outspoken activist in the LGBT community’s struggle for equal rights, using period footage and film clips to capture a vibrant era of gay culture.

Contact: First Run Features,

Pricing: $20.96

Extras: Audio Commentary with Jeffrey Schwarz, Arnie Kantrowitz, Michael Schiavi & Charlie Russo, Interview Outtakes, "Our Time" Excerpts (Vito Interviews Harry Hay & Barbara Gittings; Vito on the AIDS Crisis; Vito Interviews Larry Kramer & Virginia Apuzzo; Vito Direct Address to the Gay Community; Vito interviews Harvey Fierstein; Judith Beasely and The Quiche of Peace)

Becoming More Visible (watch the trailer)

Running time: 73 mins

Filmmaker: Pamela French

Official synopsis: Challenged by how to identify since early childhood, four fearless transgender young adults defy societal norms to be their true selves and become more visible.No transition is easy but some are easier than others. We follow Sean, a transgender male comedian from a small affluent town in upstate NY, Katherine, a Bangladeshi transgender girl from a close-knit Muslim family, Olivia, who had to leave everything behind and enter the shelter system in order to be the woman she knows she is,and the unforgettable Morgin,a fully transitioned woman pursuing her musical ambitions and making her way in the world

Contact: Pamela French,

Pricing: $50 Digital/$100 DVD

No Dumb Questions (watch a clip)

Running time: 24 mins

Filmmaker: Melissa Regan

Official synopsis: NO DUMB QUESTIONS is a lighthearted and poignant documentary that profiles three sisters, ages 6, 9, and 11, struggling to understand why and how their Uncle Bill is becoming a woman. These girls love their Uncle Bill, but will they feel the same way when he becomes their new Aunt Barbara? With just weeks until Bill's first visit as Barbara, the sisters navigate the complex territories of anatomy, sexuality, personality, gender and fashion. Their reactions are funny, touching, and distinctly different. This film offers a fresh perspective on a complex situation from a family that insists there are no dumb questions.

Contact: New Day Films,

Phone: 888.367.9154

Pricing: 10% off streaming ($60) and DVD rental ($85). Streaming rights extended from two weeks to full month of March.

PFLAG Academy On-Demand

While you’re bringing your chapter together to celebrate PFLAG’s anniversary, why not include some learning opportunities? PFLAG Academy Online brings free, monthly, PFLAG members-only learning sessions right to chapter’s nationwide. Sessions are recorded each month and PFLAG Academy On-Demand is one more way you can educate chapter leaders, members, and supporters during the month of March.

Benefit from PFLAG’s diverse learning options - there are 24 in all! - informed staff, great guests, and input from other participants. We’ve included a few recommendations from PFLAG National staff but please note you can access the full on-demand library 24/7 at

If you’re unsure about internet connectivity at your meeting place, please contact PFLAG’s Learning & Inclusion Manager, Jamie Henkel (

Straight for Equality Discussion Series

Looking for a low-tech option? Something to Talk About and Talking Inclusively are monthly discussion series for PFLAG chapters that are looking for ways to keep the conversations about LGBTQ and ally issues at meetings interesting and fresh.

With timely articles and news stories on LGBTQ topics, intersectionality, diversity, inclusion and more as well as suggested discussion questions, PFLAG chapters can use Something to Talk About and Talking Inclusively to lead a group discussion as a part of already scheduled events or to create conversation online!

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