Engaging allies is needed now more than ever.

The Cepek Ally Action Fund is named after PFLAG National board president emeritus John Cepek who passed away unexpectedly on March 15, 2017.

John was a gentle soul filled with joy, humor,compassion, and a fierce and unrelenting commitment to dignity, inclusion and equality. He was the first to have a vision for our Straight for Equality program, recognizing more than a decade ago helping people learn and become supportive is in PFLAG’s DNA, and that we should apply what we know of family support to our allies.

The surge PFLAG is experiencing in new chapter requests, the influx of fearful -- and fierce -- families and LGBTQ people in chapters nationwide is evidence of how important our work is right now. The greatest tribute to his life and legacy is to continue the critical work that he started. This fund, in John’s name, is one way for allies and the LGBTQ community who needs them to ensures that PFLAG can reach even more people and fulfill the promise of equality and inclusion for all of us.