The goal of the PFLAG Cultivating Respect Certification Program is to train and certify our members to go into schools and provide community resources, provide training for the entire staff, help create model policy, and offer creative programs that address bullying, harassment, and discrimination. After the training our members feel confident in their ability to develop a safe schools program in their communities.

The training consists of:

  • Learning to tell your story in an effective and appropriate way depending on the audience
  • Using statistics and current events to build a strong case against bullying and harassment
  • Skill-building on language, policy, and problem solving in a school environment
  • Understanding the different access points in a school that you can leverage
  • Training on three specific programs that you can implement in your school community

PFLAG chapters that are interested in hosting training must:

  • Secure a location for the training
  • Obtain interest from a minimum of 15 people to attend the training
  • Provide a lunch for those attending the training (they can charge participants to cover this cost)

Once a chapter has committed to host training:

  • Participants will receive a pre-work packet with relevant state and local information as well as materials about what students are facing in school
  • At the one-day training participants will receive a binder with all of the training materials, including modules detailing how to implement the programs that were presented, and a copy of the Cultivating Respect: Safe Schools for All booklet 
  • After the training, participants will continue to receive updated information, ideas, solutions for common problems, and resources.

Learning the facts about LGBTQ students in schools is the first step towards understanding the challenges students face in schools. PFLAG’s Cultivating Respect Certification Program is a great tool education workshop for our chapters. If you are not part of your local chapter, contact them today!

Call or email Cesar Hernandez, Field Manager, to arrange a training for your chapter.